Is Gigers free to sign up?

Yes, it is! Our community is entirely free. You can create a profile, connect with other members, contact them, browse remote jobs offers and find information about remote life for free. Then, once inside, you will have access to cool paid services that we'll add in the near future: so sign up to discover them and enjoy our community of remote workers!

Can I sign up if I am not a remote worker?

Yes, of course! Gigers is for everybody. If you are not a remote worker yet, odds are that you are going to be one in the future and if you are still hesitating to become a remote worker, thanks to our community you will find all the information and support you need to become a successful one.

Where does the word “gigers” come from?

Gigers is the name of our community of remote workers. We derived it from the english word “gig” to designate independent workers, digital nomads, freelancers, entrepreneurs working remotely, going from one remote job to another and traveling a lot while doing so.

Where does our jobs feed come from?

The jobs feed we have on our website aggregates remote jobs offers from 3 different sources: wfh.io, github jobs, stack overflow. However, our goal in the future is to enable companies to post jobs offers directly on our platform.

Is Gigers a social network?

Yes, Gigers is a social network for remote workers. However, we prefer to define ourselves as a social community where members feel at home and help each other wherever they are in the world.

Is Gigers entirely add-free?

Yes, Gigers is entirely add-free. However, you will find affiliate links for office products and MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses), which means that we get a commission if you purchase these products. But we only recommend products that we have tested ourselves or that we have researched and that will help you grow your remote activity.

Why should I say where I am currently and where I want to go in the next 12 months?

We enable you to tell where you are currently and where you plan to travel and work in the next 12 months because we think it can help you find remote mates to travel with. Indeed, you will be able to see where the people you follow currently are in the world and where they plan to be in the next 12 months, so that you can also plan your travels accordingly and/or see who is currently in the same place as you.